Pressure-Sacramental Anger


Classic rock gets associated with the likes of UK and USA, who have heralded their music to be what defines the genre now. However, bands like Pressure know there are more approaches than lamenting about the woman that left you with a guitar solo interlude. Their tracks break the norm, recreate the form and make […]

Vishal Naidu – Fragments Of Serenity

NC-17 36:37

A widely uncredited quote by the infamous Charles Bukowski always sticks with me. “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way“. This has rung true for whatever art I have chosen to deliberate over. All I have are words at my disposal, and I […]

Alec Berlin-LaNoise


Like the detailed audio universes of Hans Zimmer, you will see legendary visualization from Alec Berlin as well. Each song is a story, each note a parallel tale running. His compositions are truly revelatory, they create a picturesque setting in a balance. Known for his stylishly expressive guitar, he can capture a photograph with his […]

Mick J Clark-We Know It’s True


We’ve crossed the picketing line, and we don’t like what we see. Mick J Clark pens a raw and real appeal, through something he knows runs in his DNA. He doesn’t claim to know the answers, but there is a future if we try. This is his single, a cause for change. It’s called We […]



Dax gave his all in his latest album, Pain Paints Paintings. It is an evolution of an artist unlike anything seen before. What was dismissed by critics as a claim to fame and cheap fakery, has answered back through art. Dax might not be the rap hero you look at, but you definitely won’t look […]

5th PROJEKT-The Wrong Way


The cosmos unites the rock that 5th PROJEKT write. Derived from the open library, all kinds of genres contribute to this ephemeral, fleeting sound that they cage for each project. From Stevie Nicks to Burn the Witch and NIN, they have a variety of influences in their music. This is their latest single, The Wrong […]



It makes sense why Roxercat would call their debut EP Pearls. Just like the process of a pearl being made, these musicians have gone through the process to become the virtuosos they are. It doesn’t take more than one listen to know this is how they’ll sound live, or even acoustic in your living room. […]

Bromsen- The Photograph

Bromsen is a Berlin based duo techno songwriters and producers. They are flawless with their music production and continue to collaborate with their previous band- pamplemuse. They released their first single “Merryman” late last year and they’re incredible at bringing that old school aesthetics into their tracks.  Bromsen’s new single “The Photograph” is a game […]

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