What is indiemusicflix?

indiemusicflix is a blog which aims to show music of indie artists in the form of a movie! Every music tries to tell a story, and it involves the cast, crew, teasers etc. We want to review indie artists in a unique way and also help them reach more people! We want to write reviews about the music and also envision which movie the track could be in, all in all we’re a music blog who reviews indie artist music and portray it in a unique way!

How does cast & crew work?

We store every user details (if required by the artist) in the database. So we store the artist details first – This creates a unique artist page which displays who they are, and what movie (music project) they’ve been part of. This can include other collaboration projects as well. Same way we can also store the other “crew” member details on the blog which maybe the sound engineer or anyone else involved in the music project such that everyone gets their own unique page! And best part? The crew and cast will be displayed under the review just like in movies!

What if I don't want my music to be portrayed as a movie and just need a review?

No worries about that, we will post your review separately as a blog post on the website instead of a movie. However, your music profile page (cast) won’t be stored.

What would you usually need from an artist if the artist choses to opt for the movie format?

We mainly will need the following- Artist details / bio, social media links, their profile picture (this will be part of the profile), crew member details if any (Mixing engineers photo and details, or anyone else involved) These will be part of the crew. Then we will need Spotify/Youtube links because the users should watch the movie right? (Stream/watch the music video).